The range of services for servicing export-import operations includes:

  • Consultations with all participants in a foreign economic transaction regarding the correct execution of the necessary documents
  • Consultations of qualified lawyers and accountants
  • Classification of goods according to ETN FEA TS
  • Formation and submission of DT and all related documents to the customs authorities, on the basis of a broker agreement using the electronic signature of the customs representative
  • Maintenance of diesel fuel, including conducting preliminary inspections, participation in conducting inspections of consignments and control over the provision of inspection results to customs authorities
  • Collection of documents to confirm the value of the first method for determining customs value
  • Representation of interests of the organization in the functional departments of the customs authorities
  • Translation of documents by professional translators
  • Payment of customs payments for the Client using the “Customs Card” payment system

About company

The company LLC "Inter" provides services in the field of 3PL logistics and provides transportation goods using multimodal logistic schemes.

Our specialization is comprehensive services for customs clearance of goods and organization of their delivery; development of optimal supply chains.

The company "Inter" has direct agreements with road carriers and container lines, which in turn are 3PL providers, LLC Inter, as a 3PL operator, provides the following services:

  • development of logistics schemes
  • cargo insurance
  • the simultaneous use of container, rail and air transportation in order to accelerate the movement of goods and reduce transport costs
  • customs clearance
  • cargo delivery after customs clearance to the address indicated by the recipient; tracking cargo location


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